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Women's writing in France before c. 1900

Due to the programme's initially smaller scope (the relationships between France and the Netherlands), the number of French authors in the database WomenWriters is relatively large: over 600. The large volume of 18th-century authors is occasioned by the sources that have been used.

Some of them have been or are being studied. Among them:

some journalists:
Madame de Beaumer,
Madame Benoist,
Madame d'Epinay;

some very prolific writers:
Madame de Genlis,
George Sand;

an educator:
Madame Leprince de Beaumont;

some famous women:
Germaine de Staël,
Madame de Graffigny,
Madame Riccoboni;

and other authors:
Antoinette de Salvan,
Adélaïde de Souza,

SvD, February 2010

  • Note that when arriving in the database WomenWriters your status will be "not logged on", meaning that your access to the database is limited. For complete access (and participation in the project), contact Suzan van Dijk.

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