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Dutch sources

For the moment, most of the information in this database about European women’s writing being received originates from large-scale Dutch sources: 13,500 out of 18,000 records. These Dutch sources of course do not discuss only Dutch authors: not more than 4,300 out of the 13,500 concern texts written by compatriots.

During the period 1-9-2004 to 1-9-2007 the N.W.O. funded digitizing project “The International Reception of Women’s Writing” run at the University of Utrecht. One of the major objectives of the project was to realize, for the Dutch reception of women’s writing, a large-scale selection and entry of data as well as basic researching and checking of the information provided by contemporary sources and modern cataloguing.

“Netherlands” means of course: the territory of present-day Netherlands, i.e. the Dutch Republic (for ancien régime press). Periodicals published in Dutch in 19th-century Belgium are excluded.

Certain categories of reception documents had been selected as particularly relevant for this large-scale approach. For some of them discussion about appropriateness is certainly possible and might, in the future, occasion adaptation of the list. The sources that have been treated (completely or in part) or are to be treated, are classified within the category of reception type to which they belong.

Bookhistorical evidence:



SvD, October 2008

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