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Séverine Genieys-Kirk

Specializing in

  • seventeenth- and eigthteenth century literature (France and England)

Personal website

Some recent publications relevant for NEWW

  • "Les dessous exquis de la littérature dite 'précieuse': érotisme voilé dans le roman scudérien", Etudes françaises, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, December 2013, vol. 22 (Forthcoming)
  • Paper presented at the IFRWH conference Women, Gender and the Cultural Production of Knowledge, held at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski, Sofia: "Women and knowledge in the works of Madeleine-Angélique de Gomez, Eliza Haywood and Ann Thicknesse : a cross-cultural perspective", August 2007

Realized or planned activities/publications in NEWW-context

  • Contribution to the Translators, Interpreters, Mediators: Women Writers 1700-1900 Study Day, Chawton, 11 March 2006
  • Contribution to the Quatrièmes rencontres de la SIEFAR, Paris, June 2007
  • "Eliza Haywood’s translation and dialogic reading of Madeleine-Angelique de Gomez’ Journées amusantes (1722-1731)", in Dow (ed.), Translators. 2007, p. 37-54.
  • Participation, as moderator, in the 2009 Bochum conference.
  • Contribution to NEWW session in 23rd annual conference of CIEF, New Orleans June 2009
  • Participating, as substitute member of the Management Committee and member of Working Group 3, in COST Action IS 0901 “Women Writers in History” (2009-2013); cf. COST website.
  • "Ann Thicknesse’s translation of Joseph La Porte’s Histoire Littéraire des femmes françoises: a female tale of both subversion and domestication ?", presented at the conference "Pride and Prejudices: Women’s Writing of the Long Eighteenth Century", Chawton House Library, Chawton, Hampshire, 4th-6th July 2013.


  • sgenieyskirk[at]yahoo.ie

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