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Chawton, 11 March 2006

Translators, Interpreters, Mediators: Women Writers 1700-1900
A one-day conference at Chawton House Library, organised by the library, the University of Southampton’s English Department, and the project "The International Reception of Women's Writing"


Jenny Higgins, Darwin College, University of Cambridge

  • French poetry and prose in fin-de-siecle England: how women translators broke new ground

Adeline Johns-Putra, University of Exeter

  • Gendering Telemachus: Anna Seward and the Epic Rewriting of Fénélon’s Télémaque

Akemi Yoshida, Kitasato University, Japan

  • The ‘George Sandism’ in George Egerton: Music and the Gipsy in Consuelo and Keynotes

Silvia Bordoni, University of Nottingham

  • Romantic Women Poets and the Petrarchan Sonnet: re-writing a poetic tradition

Susan Dalton, Université de Montréal, Canada

Gillian Wright, University of Birmingham

  • Mary Monck’s Translations in Marinda (1716): Liberty, Politics and Gender

Pierre Degott, Université de Metz, France

Hilary Brown, University of Wales, Swansea

  • Luise Gottsched and the reception of French Enlightenment Literature in Germany

Christa Zeller Thomas, University of Ottawa

Nagihan Haliloglu, Heidelberg University, Germany

  • Translation as Cultural Negotiation : The Case of Fatma Aliye

Isabelle Mons, Franche-Comté University, France

Ursula Stohler, University of Exeter

Sam George, University of Sheffield

  • Botany in an English Dress: Carl Linnaeus and women’s writing in Enlightenment England

Melanie Maria Just, Independent Scholar

Emma White, University of Southampton

Sara James, Merton College, University of Oxford

  • Translating the Prison Question: The French Interpreters of Elizabeth Fry

Mary Orr, University of Southampton

Begona Lasa Alvarez, University of A Coruna

Katherine Astbury, University of Warwick

  • Adaptation and mediation: Thérèse Huber and Isabelle de Charrière’s Lettres trouvées dans des portes-feuilles d’émigrés

Annie Cointre, Université de Metz

  • Deux traductrices du théâtre anglais du XVIIIe siècle: Mme Riccoboni, la baronne de Vasse et Le Mariage clandestin de Garrick et Colman

Judith Martin, Missouri State University, USA

  • Madame de Stael’s Delphine in Germany: Cultural Transfer in Karoline Paulus’s Wilhelm Dumont

Sévérine Genieys-Kirk, National University of Ireland, Maynooth

  • Eliza Haywood’s translation and dialogic reading of Madeleine-Angelique de Gomez’s Journées Amusantes

Laura Kirkley, Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge

  • Giving Birth to Enlightenment: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Translations

Béatrijs Vanacker, University of Leuven, Belgium

  • Jeannette, soeur de Marianne en traduction, ou The Virtuous Villager d’Eliza Haywood (1742)

A selection of the contributions has been published in: Gillian Dow (ed.), Translators, Interpreters, Mediators. Women Writers 1700-1999. Oxford etc.: Peter Lang, 2007, 268 p.

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