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Laura Kirkley

Specializing in

  • Mary Wollstonecraft

Personal website

Some recent publications relevant for NEWW

Realized or planned activities/publications in NEWW-context

  • Contribution to the Translators, Interpreters, Mediators: Women Writers 1700-1900 Study Day, Chawton, 11 March 2006
  • Contribution to the First NEWW conference, Geneva, May 2007
  • Contribution to the NEWW panel in the Cultural Crossings Conference, Brussels, November 2007
  • "Elements of the other: Mary Wollstonecraft and translation", in Dow (ed.), Translators. 2007, p. 83-98.
  • Participating in the Action conference Voices in Dialogue, Chawton 3-5 November 2011
  • Contributing to the Chawton conference "Pride and Prejudices", July 2013.


  • lak36[at]cam.ac.uk

SvD, June 2013

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