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Gender Studies in the Age of Globalization

This conference, organized by Ramona Mihaila, took place June 2-3, 2011, at Spiru Haret University (Bucharest).

A panel (in three sessions) was dedicated to the COST Action "Women Writers In History" and more largely to the NEWW network (New approaches to European Women’s Writing). The first two sessions were meant for paper presentations and feedback, and the third provided room for further discussion (disseminating information for the new Turkish members, sharing the experience of the Hague Training School, and also pinpointing some theoretical issues).

Contributors were from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Turkey:

Alexandriolu, Sirmoula,

  • The Personality of Dora d'Istria through one of the Greek Women’s Magazines (Euridiki, 1870-1873)

Alexandrova, Nadezdha,

  • Gendered Danube Shores: Bulgarian Women’s Activism in Braila and Tulcea in the 70’s of the 19th Century

Alkan, Burcu,

  • Revising the Historical Revision of Women’s Literature in 20th-Century Europe

Botezat, Onorina,

Dutu, Carmen,

  • 19th-Century Romanian Women’s Translations as an Instance of Cultural Reception of Modernity

Gunay, Cimen & Timuroglu, Senem,

  • Dreams Beyond Control: Women and Writing in the Ottoman Empire since Asiye Hatun’s Diary

Imsir, Begum Sima,

  • Hide and Seek: On trail of Women Writers

Mihaila, Ileana,

  • Littérature féminine et statut des femmes dans la seconde moitié du XIXe siècle en Roumanie

Mihaila, Ramona,

  • Gender and Power in 19th-Century Romanian Women’s Writing

Mitea, Ioana,

  • Women as Part of the Theatre Audience in the 19th Century

The NEWW COST meetings generated such intense debate from the beginning, blending paper presentations with the NEWW dissemination of information, that decision was taken to consider the Gender conference as the starting point for further collaborative research. Having raised awareness – in particular thanks to case studies by Sirmoula Alexandriolu and Nadia Alexandrova – that we share a common past that cannot and should not be researched individually (i.e. at a national level), concrete measures were taken for establishing a Thematic Network.

Interested colleagues can contact Carmen Dutu.

SvD, June 2011

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