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Women born or living in Utrecht

Being born in one place or another has not always been decisive for these women's writing career or authorship. For research objectives however, it can be useful to assemble the names of women, who have been active in particular places or regions. In some cases it will be possible to compare this corpus to the "corresponding" male corpus. This might interest local history, but it is also a way of creating a not too large quantity of research material.

Plans are being made, for example, for archival research into authors, male and female, who have lived and often also published in Utrecht. For the moment the database contains some 30 women authors active in Utrecht. In spite of its university, Utrecht was up to the 19th century a rather small, and even boring provincial town.

SvD, February 2009

  • Note that informations contained in the database WomenWriters have often been derived from contemporary sources, which may contain errors. Also important: when arriving in the database WomenWriters, your status is: "not logged on", which means that you have only partial view. For complete view and participation in the project, take contact.

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