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Women Writers of Turkey

A Panoramic Research Spanning between the 16th-21st Centuries

Women Writers of Turkey is a trilingual (Turkish, English, French) electronic database project, aiming to establish biographical and bibliographical information about women writers in Turkey, along with the analytical examination of the idea of canon and the profile of women writers in Turkey. It will increase both the research potential on their work and also the attention that previous critical research will receive.

The reason for putting women writers at the explicit focus of the project is that such a profile and canon analysis has not been carried out in the context of Turkish Literature. Can we speak about a women’s literary “canon” in Turkey? Parallel to this question, we are trying to find out if we can say that women writers in Turkey have a common profile sociologically or culturally, and in terms of their education or economical situation of their families. Do they form a literary solidarity in accordance with the idea of a canon?

Running along these lines, the project adopts the construction of a database as a pillar because of the lack of information on women writers in Turkey in several international electronic databases. In hope of making information on women writers and their work visible and accessible, the Women Writers of Turkey project is seeking to explore the history of women’s literature in Turkey in an interval spanning from 16th century Ottoman Empire to 21st century contemporary Turkey.

Supported by TÜB?TAK, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, the project is led by Dr. Çimen Günay-Erkol (Ozyegin University) and the research team includes: Senem Timuro?lu (Ozyegin University), Dr. Burcu Alkan (Celal Bayar University), Dr. Gül?en Çulhao?lu (Cankaya University), Arzu Erekli (Cankaya University), Ruken Alp (Sabanci University), Dr. Reyhan Tulumlu (Sabanci University), Dr. S. Elif Aksoy (Dogus University), ?ima Begüm ?m?ir (Ozyegin University, Istanbul University). The Women Writers of Turkey project also takes part in the collaborative research in the framework of this COST Action.

SvD, May 2011

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