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HERA "Travelling TexTs 1790-1914"

Second meeting and workshop
Turku, Finland, May 5th and 6th 2014

Monday, May 5 - Turku City Library (Associated Partner of the TTT)


  • Welcome on behalf of the Finnish Team of TTT (Päivi Lappalainen, Viola Parente-?apková)


  • Welcome on behalf of Turku City Library, presentation of:
    • the Library (Inkeri Näätsaari) and
    • the Old Collection (Laura Yli-Seppälä)


  • Presentation of TTT:
    • General presentation of the Project, WomenWriters Database, question of sources (Henriette Partzsch, Suzan van Dijk)
    • Developing the new Virtual Research Environment (Gertjan Filarski)
    • Discussion


  • Presentation of the sources & some initial results of the Finnish part of the TTT:
    • Viola Parente-?apková:
      • Cygneaus Collection, Old Collection of the Turku City Library
    • Päivi Lappalainen:
      • Digital Newspaper Archives
    • Discussion


  • Presentations of the other “national teams", sources & initial results:
    • Henriette Partzsch:
      • Questioning sources: Women writers and serialised novels in Spanish newspapers 1850-1870
    • Suzan van Dijk:
      • Some (provisional) research outcomes for the Netherlands - using the "old version" of the WomenWriters database
    • Tanja Badali?:
      • Sources and Translations in the 19th-century Slovenian territory
    • Marie Nedregotten Sørbø:
      • Unearthing Norwegian translations: the yield of the sources
    • Discussion


  • Invited speaker Outi Paloposki:
    • Translating Women. Women, Translations and Society in Late 19th Century Finland
  • Discussion

17. 30

  • Closing Remarks

Tuesday, May 6 - Turku University, Sirkkala Campus


  • Discussion about the milestone

  • Discussion about a position paper


  • Admin update


  • Discussion about the stage of the development of the Database and the VRE


  • Presentation by Astrid Kulsdom and Janouk de Groot: Curating our data in view of the new VRE


  • Preparing the next phase


  • Closing remarks

SvD, April 2014

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