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Biljana Doj?inovi?

Transgessing History and Fiction:
History and Genres in Jelena Dimitrijevi?'s Letters from Salonica and Novel Nove


This paper is focussing on Jelena Dimitrijevi?'s Letters from Salonica (1908) and Nove (1912). The central interest of both works is the position of New women in Ottoman society in the wake and right after the Young Turk Revolution.

The novel was based on Dimitrijevi?'s impressions from her travel to Salonica in 1908, described in the earlier Letters. Both works present society in conflict, and, more specifically, women who had different attitudes toward new, revolutionary values. The documentary elements which are in common for both the letters and the novel, such as issues of education, tradition, clothes, marriage, will be outlined and it will be pointed to the way they are present in each of the works. The mixture of genres is of special interest: the Letters contain complete interviews and even small drama, while the novel presents omniscient narration, letters as well as diary entries. This material will enable us to focus on both generic tresspassing and fiction/faction or history/fiction mixture in women's writing.

SvD, November 2012

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