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Jelena Baki?

Trans-cultural and trans-national perspectives: Ida Verona and Ana Maria Marovi?


Through the presentation of life and the work of two women writers who were also painters, Ida Verona (1865, Braila, Romania, - 1925, Pr?anj, Kotor, Montenegro) and Ana Maria Marovi? (1815, Venice, Italy – 1887 Venice, Italy), I will analyze how trans-national connections and gender norms influenced their work and life, their own desires and activities. Both of them were originally from Boka Kotorska, Montenegro, but they lived out of their place of origin, in Romania and in Italy.

The concept of nomadism will be useful for analyzing the instability, the in-betweenness in the life and the work of Ida Verona and Ana Maria Marovi?, the authors who lived in a period of historical transition, geopolitical mobility and consequently, cultural changes. Applying the concept of nomadism it will be easier to understand their exploration of different artistic languages: painting, poetry, drama and music.

Religion and the church for both authors represented the way to escape the norms, to live between norms and rules regarding women’s behavior. Through poetry writing (intimate and religious) and dramas, they find space to escape the static virtues traditionally assigned to women, silence at the first place.

At the end, translation as a means of circulating women’s writing will be taken into consideration. Only few works of Ida Verona and Ana Maria Marovi? has been translated in Montenegro. Ana Maria Marovi? has written all of her literary work in Italian, while Ida Verona has written in French, Italian and Romanian.

SvD, November 2012

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