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Senem Timuro?lu

The Profile of 19th Century Ottoman Women Writers


Works of 19th-century Ottoman Muslim women are still to be subject of literary criticism in Turkey. There are several works waiting to be transcripted to Latin from Ottoman. The 19th-century women’s movement which had a worldwide influence, also affected Ottoman women, who had close ties with Europe, France in particular. The Ottoman women’s movement, which constitutes the first wave of feminism in Turkey, made its appearance via associations established, journals published and poems and novels written by women.

This paper depends on my research about the biographies of 19th-century women writers in Turkey who were active participants of the feminist movement, as part of the Women Writers in Turkey Project. I will elaborate on the sociological profile of the writers, discuss the dynamics of their discourses in line with feminist literary theories such as gynocriticism and “écriture feminine”, and explore their interaction with European women’s writing.

Ask, September 2012

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