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SATOR-NEWW: collaboration between databases

Collaboration in the context of "Women Writers In History" (COST IS0901), initiated by Madeleine Jeay, Daniel Maher, Astrid Kulsdom, Suzan van Dijk

During a meeting held 1 December 2010 (Huygens Institute The Hague) they decided to try preparing this collaboration, considering that the SATOR approach can be useful for the kind of qualitative and comparative analysis which is on the COST-WWIH programme for this year (“2nd Milestone”).
Such a collaboration could be useful in both directions:

  • Provide new records (concerning women’s texts in particular) for Satorbase
  • Allow comparisons to be made in COST-WWIH:
    • between works by different women authors (supposedly using different topoi);
    • between works by men and by women (idem);
    • between works and reactions to the works (supposedly evaluating in different ways certain topoi, or replacing – when rewriting the plot – one topos with another).

Objective of the textual analysis mentioned above will be to determine the specificity of:

  • women’s texts in general as opposed to men’s (?? probably too large a question);
  • texts by particular women as opposed to those by particular men;
  • texts by particular women as opposed to those by other women;
  • texts by women as opposed to comments by (male, mostly) re-writings and evaluations of these texts.

Comparison will be made not between and with complete texts: only (or principally) those fragments will be used which correspond to specific narrative topoi: they need to concern such elements of the narrative which can be supposed to generate different (or even opposite) perspectives for men and women: be they narrators, characters or readers/critics. They in fact concern, all of them but in different ways, women’s role and behavior in society judged according to current norms.

SvD, March 2011

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