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Session in ASEEES 2016

Hilde Hoogenboom organised - November 17, 2016, a session entitled Russian, Eastern European, and European Networks of Women Writers and Translators, in the Annual Convention of ASEEES (Association for Slavic, East European, & Eurasian Studies).

In this session participated NEWW and HERA Travelling TexTs members Nadezhda Alexandrova, Viola Capkova and Suzan van Dijk', who presented - after Hilde's introduction - different aspects of our collaborative work. Colleague Sara Dickinson discussed strategies for involving students in work on Russian authors present in our online tool, the NEWW VRE, through blog posts and translation projects. Rosalind Marsh, who recently published a book about modern Russian women authors, made the connection between female authorships of the different centuries.

Interesting reactions and discussions came up at the end of the session, generating new contacts and projects for further collaboration - continuing our COST-WWIH Action and HERA Travelling TexTs project.

SvD, December 2016

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