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Romanian sources

For the moment (December 2009), Romanian reception has not yet been studied in this context. It is clear that we will need to use this inventory of Romanian reactions in the press:

  • Bibliografia rela?iilor literaturii române cu literaturile str?ine în periodice (1859-1918) / cuvînt înainte de Zoe Dumitrescu-Bu?ulenga ; lucrare coordonat? de Ioan Lupu ?i Cornelia ?tef?nescu ; întocmit? de Lumini?a Beiu-Paladi ... [et al.] Bibliography of the relations of Romanian literature with foreign literatures in periodical publications (1859-1918). Bucharest, 1980-85, 3 vols.
    • Present in Dutch Royal Library: LZ MOD.T 13b BIB

This bibliography shows that the following authors, for instance, have been translated and commented into Romanian and by Romanians:

SvD, January 2010

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