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De Recensent (ook der recensenten)

De Recensent (ook der recensenten) (The reviewer, also of reviewers) resembled the Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen, with one peculiarity: it explicitly responded to other critical reviews. "Key years" have been treated here, and De Recensent has been approached via other inventories and via the biography of Petronella Moens by Ans Veltman.

Outcome is: 174 articles published between 1810 and 1856. 64 concern Dutch writers, 44 English and 29 German authors.

Remieg Aerts, De Letterheren. Liberale cultuur in de negentiende eeuw: het tijdschrift De Gids. Amsterdam, 1997.
Gert-Jan Johannes, De barometer van de smaak. Tijdschriften in Nederland 1770-1830. The Hague, 1995.
Ans J. Veltman-van den Bos, Petronella Moens (1762-1843). De Vriendin van ’t Vaderland. Nijmegen, 2000

SvD, September 2007

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