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Portuguese Women Writers (16th-19th centuries)

This Project has as its main objective the mapping of Portuguese feminine textual production before 1900. It continues the research carried out during a previous project finished in 2009, during which more than 350 Portuguese women writers living and producing before 1800 have been identified.

The need to answer new issues raised by research led to adjustments in the purposes of the project which have now been extended to include:

  • the study of women’s presence in social occasions devoted to text diffusion;
  • the collection and study of data about women’s reading;
  • the collection of data allowing the study of women writers in the Portuguese Diaspora.

Researchers of this project:

  • Young Researchers:
    • Inês de Ornellas e Castro (Universidade Nova, Lisbon)
    • José Félix Duque (University of Lisbon, Lisbon)
    • Pedro Sena Lino (University of Lisbon, Lisbon)
    • Isabel Morujão (University of Lisbon, Lisbon)
    • Raquel Bello Vázquez (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)

  • Cooperating undergraduate students from CEC (Centro de Estudos Clássicos):
    • Luiza Resende
    • Hugo Neto
    • Ana Rita Carvalho de Matos
    • Cátia Rodrigues

SvD, December 2010

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