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Isabel Maria da Cruz Lousada


With this paper I aim to present the Portuguese translators of British authors from 1554 up to 1900. During previous research for my Para o Estabelecimento de uma Bibliografia Britânica em Português (1554 -1900), data was systematically collected, concerning the universe of translations into Portuguese, on a wide range of matters – not just literature.

In my presentation quantitative and qualitative data will be analyzed concerning men and women translators, in order to achieve a global view of the way British (male/female) textual culture was received in Portugal and Brazil before 1900. Focus will be on gender aspects; up to now women translators have not been the object of scholarly attention.

Indeed, they were not quite numerous: for the 1354 translations recorded for these centuries, 16 female translators were found (3 of them probably used a pseudonym). (Their names will be entered into the database.)

Yet, comparative study of the corpus of translators will raise (and help answer) a certain number of questions:

  • how is gender related to culture, for Portugal?
  • how is gender related with Portuguese identity?
  • how to map the ways in which these English texts have been spreading in Portugal?

Comparison with other European cultures is needed.

Some particular examples will also be discussed, among them:
English women authors:

Portuguese translators (M/F):

AsK, September 2012

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