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Gül?en Çulhao?lu

Ottoman Women Poets Writing from behind the Cage of Literature: 15th-20th Centuries


In this paper, I will present a panoramic look on how Ottoman women poets’ works have been reviewed in the anthologies, along with suggestions on how to review these works in a more effective way. Many books and articles which have been published since Ottoman times repeat each other’s reviews by claiming that Ottoman women poets’ works were hidden behind patriarchal discourse, making their poetic voice imperceptible. Another frequent element in these reviews is their focus on the female poets’ families – the perception of family in these books and articles is restricted to fathers and husbands – their social status and education. In order to have a deep understanding of these poets’ divan poetry, a detailed and objective research is needed. Only after such a research, it will be possible to comment on how much “male” or “female” their poetic voices are.

Ask, September 2012

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