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Tanja Badali? and Begoña Regueiro

Leading Voice – The reception of George Sand in Slovenia, Spain and Germany


Two Short Time Scientific Missions have been carried out by Begoña Regueiro (Madrid, Spain) and Tanja Badali? (Nova Gorica, Slovenia), working under the supervision of Kerstin Wiedemann (Nancy, France). They all have done research or are doing research in the international reception of George Sand (1804-1876), one of the most famous (women) writers of her time, whose international reception starts to be well represented in the WomenWriters database.

For Germany this is mainly thanks to Kerstin Wiedemann, who wrote her thesis about Sand’s contemporary reception in Germany. Both young researchers are working on Sand’s reception in their respective countries: Spain and Slovenia.

The STSMs mainly focused on methodological questions raised by the reception of George Sand when approached on an international scale, using the material contained now in the database – which is to be further expanded. The leading question was: how to move our methodology from a quantitative approach to a qualitative one, i.e. how not to discuss just larger or smaller numbers of reception documents; how to take into account the actual content of the translations, comments etc.?

AsK, September 2012

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