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Le thème de l'éducation dans les comédies


Although the educational theme is not predominant in Isabelle de Charrière’s plays, the author develops precisely her ideas regarding the young girl. Thanks to complex and finely shaded female characters – representations of what the author can see –, the masculine prejudice, by which women are divided into two opposite categories (the pedant and the women of sensibility), is demolished. Refusing to follow Rousseau, Charrière asserts that education, while protecting young girls, does not prevent them from being natural. Isabelle de Charrière is concerned not to chock her audience, but she is also eager to communicate her opinions: that is why, with tact and moderation, she questions the social habit that does not allow young girls to express their ideas in public. Such behaviour, incompatible with the development of their cognitive capacities, must cease.

SvD, July 2008

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