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Lettres de Lausanne in Russia

Our colleague Elena Gretchanaia (Moscow) recently discovered the first trace of Isabelle de Charrière's having been read in Russia. In the inventory of the private library of the Golitsyne princes, in their domain of Viazemy, she found the mention of a copy of the Lettres écrites de Lausanne. As the Golitsyne family lived in France between 1783 and 1790, the book could have been bought there and then. However, it might also be a testimony to the influence of Sainte-Beuve's article about Charrière in the Revue des Deux Mondes, dated 1839, as the inventory was created "during the 1830s" by one of the Golitsyne women. The library itself was destroyed in 1917.

AsK, September 2010

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