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Female "networks"

The present version of database offers the possibility of showing an author as "surrounded" by those women whose work she read, and those who read hers. St├ęphanie de Genlis, for instance, read (commented, wrote prefaces for) the works of other female authors, and she was herself also widely read. This becomes visible thanks to this particular query. By clicking on one of the other names, this writer takes place at the center of this "network".

In order to have more information about Genlis' reception of La Fite, for instance, you need - for the moment (this will be adapted) - to go to "Reception" and will then find out about her interest for this author: she wrote a preface where she also discussed women's writing in a broader perspective.

The other way round you will find the lack of enthusiasm felt by Jane Austen for Genlis' Alphonsine - in particular when clicking the link leading to the Reading Experience Database, which illustrates at the same time the usefulness of having several online projects collaborating.

Features like this one will be further developed during the next years.

SvD, May 2010

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