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Suzan van Dijk

Female Connections with Turkey: Travellers, Brides, Writers


In the COST Action “Women Writers in History”, members study the connections between women writers of European countries and their readers (male and female) at home and abroad, focusing on women who were active before the first World War. The influence of these writers was often much more important than we are told in school (for instance). In order to understand women’s role in history the Action uses empirical evidence as found in different types of source materials: periodicals, private correspondences, inventories of private and public libraries, etc.

Until now, although being aware of the existence of Turkish women writers, we have not studied their works and influence in Europe: this meeting, therefore, is an important moment for our COST Action.

What we did find were European women travelling to Turkey (alone or with their husbands), and writing about these travels. Especially during the 19th century, these travels were more and more often, and included very intriguing figures, some of which in my short opening talk I would like to present briefly.

Ask, September 2012

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