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Luiza Marinescu

Fany Seculici/Bucura Dumbrav?’s Writing and the East-West connections within Europe: Visualizing the channels

This paper will focus on the ways in which Fany Seculici, also known as Bucura Dumbrav?, has contributed as an author to the establishment of contacts between the Western and Eastern parts of Europe.

  • a. Early life: from Bratislava to Wien and Bucharest
  • b. Bucharest, France and Italy
  • c. Bucharest and Germany
  • d. Feminism: Bucharest and Switzerland.
  • e. Theosophy: Bucharest and Adyar (India)

The paper is a preliminary study for a future monograph on Bucura Dumbrav? and will contain:

  • 1. Maps – showing influences going from West to East and vice versa;
  • 2. Graphs – making visible proportions and percentages;
  • 3. Trees – illustrating influences exerted by the author.

AsK, September 2012

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