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Elinor Shaffer

Do special factors play a role in the reception of women authors ?


The Research Project on the Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe([1]), directed by Elinor Shaffer, has been in existence since 1998, when it was launched in the British Academy. We have now published twenty volumes (Continuum: London and New York, 2002-).

Of the so far published volumes, three relate to women authors: the first volume in the Series was The Reception of Virginia Woolf in Europe; the second woman author was Jane Austen. We are now well ahead with work on The Reception of George Eliot in Europe. We hope to be able to devote a volume to Charlotte and Emily Brontë. We also have a Database of materials relating to the volumes, including data on translators, publishers, editions, biographical accounts, and critical reception across Europe. We would be glad to share this information with any individual scholars who have a need for it and an interest in it and to join with other related databases.

For this Conference I propose describing the Project, our methodology, and our results in the cases of the women authors so far undertaken. We are now engaged in a volume on the Theory and Practice of Reception Studies Today.

We believe that our procedures and our publications will be of interest and of use to our colleagues, and we would like to have an opportunity to discuss these with interested parties engaged in similar enterprises. I would welcome the opportunity to consider the question whether special factors played a role in the reception of women authors.

AsK, September 2012

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