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Zsuzsanna Varga

Creating a virtual network: Emilia Kanya’s Csaladi Kor (Family circle)


My proposed paper aims at investigating Emilia Kánya’s family magazine Csaladi Kor (Family circle), which she edited between 1860-1880, almost single-handedly: Kanya’s periodical, modelled upon the German family magazine Gartenlaube, was the first periodical edited by a woman in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Although specifically feminist magazines started in Hungary only after the turn of the century, Emilia’s publication served in many senses as a forerunner to subsequent periodicals. One of its explicit aims was to familiarise the domestic – largely female – readership with contemporary foreign thought and intellectual achievement. Her selection of travel writing (Lady Mary Wortley Montague), of articles on women’s public achievement (Florence Nightingale), on women’s writing and women’s emancipation all contributed to her achievement of creating a virtual community between herself and her readers with the help of other exemplary women.

AsK, September 2012

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