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The so-called "Corpus Montoya":
Dutch 18th-century library catalogues

In the so-called “Corpus Montoya”, which contains auction catalogues of private libraries, six catalogues of circulating libraries have also been included:

  • Hendrik Scheurleer junior’s circulating library in The Hague, 1750-1763, of which catalogues survive for 1751-1762.
  • R.J. Noordbeek’s library in Leeuwarden, started before 1754, and continued by A. van Lingen until 1762, of which catalogues survive for 1754-1756.
  • Scheurleer’s successor, Hendrik Bakhuyzen, also in The Hague, 1764-1818?, of which we studied the surviving catalogues for 1777-1801
  • Van Riemsdyk and Van Bronkhorst’s circulating library in Bergen op Zoom, probably begun in 1790, of which a partial catalogue remains from 1792.
  • Jan van Gulik’s circulating library in Amsterdam, started between 1776 and 1785, and still operational in 1811, of which we studied the surviving catalogues dated 1797-1798.
  • Johannes Jacobus Beets’s circulating library in Haarlem, of which catalogues survive for 1797-1799.

Outcome: 613 items.


  • Alicia C. Montoya, “French and English women writers in Dutch library (auction) catalogues, 1700-1800. Some methodological considerations and preliminary results”, in S. van Dijk, Petra Broomans, Janet F. van der Meulen and Pim van Oostrum (eds.), “I have heard about you”. Foreign women’s writing crossing the Dutch border: from Sappho to Selma Lagerlöf. Hilversum: Verloren, 2004, pp. 182-216.

Alicia C. Montoya, August 2004

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