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Geertruida Kapteyn-Muysken: letters and other egodocuments

The author Geertruida Kapteyn-Muysken (1855-1920) is an interesting figure, in particular also because her archives have been preserved in the IIAV (International Archives of the Women's Movement, Amsterdam). As they have not yet been classified, consultation is not easy.

Yet we found correspondence with the Dutch translator and journalist, Helene Mercier, who was a good friend and who advised her to read George Sand's autobiography, Histoire de ma vie. So she did, as appears in her "Copy book", where she also noted comments on works by other women authors.

Kapteyn-Muysken's archives represent an important source for late 19th-century Dutch women's literary history. Hopefully, they will be disclosed soon.

SvD, September 2007

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