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First meeting HERA Travelling TexTs 1790-1914

First project meeting and workshop
Chawton House Library, 24-25 October 2013


  • Finland:
    • Päivi Lappalainen, Viola Parente-?apková (University of Turku)
  • Norway:
    • Marie Nedregotten Sørbø (Volda University College)
  • Netherlands:
    • Suzan van Dijk, Janneke Weijermars, Janouk de Groot (Huygens ING); Arno Kuipers (Royal Library)
  • Slovenia:
    • Katja Mihurko Poniž, Aleš Vaupoti? (University of Nova Gorica)
  • UK:
    • Stephen Bygrave (Chawton House Library/ University of Southampton); Adele Patrick (Glasgow Women's Library); Marina Lopez Cano, Henriette Partzsch, Judith Rideout (University of St Andrews)


  • Establishing preliminary lists of relevant sources for data entry, building on the list we compiled while working on the funding application
  • Developing an understanding of the comparability of the information yielded by the sources
  • Starting the dialogue with stakeholders outside Academia: In which ways is TTT of interest to libraries? How can we learn from different perspectives on our project? Is there scope for shared activities?

Thursday, 24 October


  • Organisational Meeting


  • Contextualising our sources in the literary system of each country


  • Show and tell: Examples of relevant periodical publications and the information they yield


  • Discussion and summary of the first day

Friday, 25 October (Workshop)


  • Possibilities & limits of the library catalogue as way to find (digitized) sources (AK)


  • Discussion of how to work with the catalogues and repertoires included in our preliminary lists per country in the light of the previous contribution


  • Revisiting our preliminary lists (small, mixed groups)


  • Discussion of preliminary lists


  • Dialogue with stakeholders:
    • Chawton House Library and TTT (StB)
    • Glasgow Women’s Library and TTT (AP)
    • Royal Library and TTT (AK)

Parallel Session:

  • Database Training (JdG)


  • Final discussion and agreement of Action points.

SvD, April 2014

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