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Connections Between Women and Writings Within European Borders (COBWWWEB)

This project, financed by CLARIN-NL was carried out between June 2013 and June 2014. Its objective was to contribute to the development of the current WomenWriters database into a Virtual Research Environment - in particular to the possibilities for connectivity to be created between the VRE and other projects in women's literary history.

At the start of the COBWWWEB project, the WomenWriters database contained references concerning 4.000 women authors, their works and over 22.000 reception documents (by men and women). All these data were entered by hand, and the need was felt to create other possibilities for entering data. In order to expand the research networks about female participation in the transnational literary field, the possibility was created to:

  • connect these data to other (national or international) collections in women’s literature;
  • create a set of standards for exchanging data, based on CLARIN guidelines for shared metadata and service-based infrastructures.

These standards can, now, be implemented by international partners. To begin with this was realized by the COBWWWEB partners: the Serbian Knjiženstvo; the Norwegian Female Robinsonades and the Swiss Women in Arcadia (1690-1800) databases.

Development was carried out by Huygens ING. Partner projects were those of: Biljana Dojcinovic and Zaharije Radivojevic, Anne Birgitte Ronning and Asgeir Nesoen, Tatiana Crivelli and Peter Pfenninger Gilliéron.

SvD, December 2015

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