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"Women Writers in History"

As a result of the COST Action "Women Writers in History" a book series was created at Brill Editions Leiden. The series is also entitled "Women Writers in History"; volumes have started being published in 2014.

Women Writers in History

This series focuses on women authors as a category and in particular on the role they were allowed to play in their respective countries, and beyond national borders in the whole of Europe. Thanks to important efforts in text digitizing, for instance of the early periodical press and of private correspondences, many reception data concerning works by female authors are becoming available. These data allow understanding the place female authors should be given in European literary history. The series Women Writers in History – created and coordinated by members of the NEWW Network – provides a platform for the outcome of this kind of research, for which the NEWW VRE (successor of the database entitled WomenWriters) was created.

The series will publish outcomes of collaborative NEWW research, and the Editorial Board invites researchers who would, up to now, not be members of this group to submit proposals for volumes and monographs to be included in the series. Research outcomes to be published here would typically not concern individual authors, but would realize large-scale research taking as a starting point, preferably, empirical data concerning the reception side of literary communication. Research would focus on the communication which had been taking place between these female authors and their (contemporary) readers at home and abroad, and provide insight in the position taken by these women.

Editorial board:

Advisory Board:

First volume:

Planned volumes (other outcomes of COST-WWIH and NEWW activities):

  • Nina Geerdink, Carme Font Paz (eds.):
    • "Mightier than the Spoon is the Pen": Economic Imperatives for Women's Writing before 1800 (see the Call for papers, now closed)
  • Magdalena Koch, Ramona Mihaila (eds.):
  • Suzan van Dijk et al. (eds.):
  • Viola Capkova, Henriette Partzsch, Begoña Regueiro, Amelia Sanz (eds.):
  • Francesca M. Scott (ed.):
    • The Continued Significance of the History of Midwifery: Providing Context for the Study of Specificity in Women’s Writing
  • Henriette Partzsch et al. (eds.):
  • Francesca M. Scott et al. (eds.);
    • Madame de Genlis circulating in Europe


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