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Algemeene Konst- en Letterbode

This periodical was one of the leading review journals, published from 1788. The DBNL (Digital Library of Dutch Literature) has recently started online publication of the volumes: 1788 to begin with.

In the context of the 2004-2007 digitizing project it has generated 43 records. There will be more to be found, as the journal has not been perused completely itself: numerous information has been integrated via secundary literature, such as the biography of Petronella Moens by Ans Veltman, which explains the large proportion of articles concerning this author. This will certainly not prove representative.

Remieg Aerts, De Letterheren. Liberale cultuur in de negentiende eeuw: het tijdschrift De Gids. Amsterdam, 1997, p. 57-58.
Gert-Jan Johannes, De barometer van de smaak. Tijdschriften in Nederland 1770-1830. The Hague, 1995.
Ans J. Veltman-van den Bos, Petronella Moens (1762-1843). De Vriendin van ’t Vaderland. Nijmegen, 2000

SvD, September 2007

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