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A Transnational Approach to Confessional Poetry through the Works of Sylvia Plath and Nilgün Marmara


Sylvia Plath has been considered as one of the exemplary poets of confessional poetry which derives its roots from the personal experiences of the poet. In her works, Plath criticised gender-centred society and reflected the dark atmosphere of 1950s and 1960s, decades which covered an on-going cold war and the aftermath of a world war. Nilgün Marmara, a young Turkish poet who tragically ended her life in 1987 at the age of 29, was deeply affected by Plath’s poetry and analysed Plath’s poems in her academic works. She produced her own poems in 1980s in a decade which covered a coup d’état and strong social pressure. Both poets experienced the pressures of gender-centred society and the oppressive political atmosphere in their daily lives and reflected their experiences in their poetry. The paper investigates the two poets’ textual partnership through confessional poetry that passes beyond the limits of nation and time.

Ask, September 2012

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