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"I have heard about you"

Suzan van Dijk, Petra Broomans, Janet F. van der Meulen and Pim van Oostrum (eds.),
"I have heard about you". Foreign women’s writing crossing the Dutch border: from Sappho to Selma Lagerlöf.
Hilversum: Verloren, 2004, 342 p.

ISBN 978 90 65 50752 5


Suzan van Dijk:

  • Foreword: Foreign women's writing as read in the Netherlands. A task for historiographers

Marianne Peereboom :

  • Sappho: mother of all women poets

I. Creating the first networks

Wybren Scheepsma:

  • Mystical networks in the Middle Ages? On the first women writers in Dutch and their literary contacts

Janet van der Meulen:

  • "Sche sente the copie to her doughter". Countess Jeanne de Valois and literature at the court of Hainault-Holland

Anne-Marie de Gendt :

  • "In future times more than during your lifetime": The reception of Christine de Pizan in the Low Countries

Johan Oosterman:

  • Women´s albums: mirrors of international lyrical poetry

Riet Schenkeveld-van der Dussen:

  • Georgette de Montenay and her Dutch admirer, Anna Roemers Visscher

Mirjam de Baar:

  • "God has chosen you to be a crown of glory for all women!" The international network of learned women surrounding Anna Maria van Schurman

Mirjam de Baar:

  • Prophetess of God and prolific writer. Antoinette Bourignon and the reception of her writings

II. Finding international audiences

Pim van Oostrum:

  • Dutch interest in 17th- and 18th-century French tragedies written by women

Alicia C. Montoya:

  • Republican overtones: Marie-Anne Barbier's tragedies translated, 1728-1774

Alicia C. Montoya:

  • French and English women writers in Dutch library (auction) catalogues, 1700-1800. Some methodological considerations and preliminary results

Finny Bottinga:

  • Eliza Haywood's Female Spectator and its Dutch translation De Engelsche Spectatrice

Suzan van Dijk:

  • A Dutch cultural magazine judging foreign women writers: the Vaderlandsche Letteroefeningen 1761-1800

Petra Broomans:

  • Mary Wollstonecraft in Scandinavia; her letters in the Netherlands

Anna Hausdorf :

  • The reception of 19th-century German women novelists and the influence on their Dutch counterparts

Gabrielle Martel Cothereau & Suzan van Dijk:

  • George Sand and Dutch theatre censorship

Irene Visser:

  • American women writers in the Dutch literary world 1824-1900

Henriette Ritter:

  • The critic Conrad Busken Huet on Madame de Staël's novels: Between antifeminism and androgyny

Petra Broomans:

  • "The splendid literature of the North". Women translators and intermediaries of Scandinavian women writers around 1900

Lizet Duyvendak & Diederik Grit:

  • Margaretha Meyboom: not only a translator

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