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“Because I had something to say”: Amsterdam

Dutch 19th-century women authors:
their presence on-line (some examples)

Maria van Schie

  • Lacking (for the moment) on Wikipedia, but present in Wikidata through NEWW Women Writers

Petronella Moens

See also:

Geertruida Kapteyn-Muysken

  • Lacking (for the moment) in Digitaal Vrouwenlexikon Nederland

  • Lacking (for the moment) in DBNL

Belle van Zuylen

See also:

Johanna van Woude

A.S.C. Wallis

  • Lacking (for the moment) on Wikipedia, and strangely enough not appearing in Wikidata (cf. Maria van Schie mentioned above)...

SvD, April 2016

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