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Silvija Borovnik

Marica Nadišek Bartol's literary work

The development of Slovenian female literature at the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century was mainly enabled by the magazine Slovenka ("Slovenian Woman"). The magazine began to be published in 1897 in Trieste as the supplement to the daily newspaper Edinost ("Unity") every other Saturday as "the bulletin of the Slovenian female population". It was designed by two editors, first Marica Nadišek Bartol, and after her Ivanka Anži? Klemen?i?. The first editor, Marica Nadlišek Bartol, was a teacher in the Trieste suburbs.

As an editor of the first Slovenian female magazine, Marica Nadlišek Bartol had a chance to influence the reading culture of Slovenian women and to introduce literature of European female writers to them. For this reason, this paper will look for an answer to the question of whether Marica Nadlišek Bartol as an editor was active also as an intermediary of literary texts of female writers. Together with Pavlina Pajkova, Marica Nadlišek Bartol was the first important female writer for the Slovenian literary magazine Ljubljanski zvon ("Ljubljana Bell") since the first belletristic performance in 1889. She furthermore gained a reputation with feuilletons, polemics, and articles in magazines Slovenski svet ("Slovenian World"), Edinost ("Unity"), and Slovenski narod ("Slovenian nation"). She was one of the first Slovenian female intellectuals who earned money with professional work, and she was also considered the first systematic informer of Slovenian women. She wrote about city life in which her female characters usually struggled for their existence and was one of the first who tried to avoid the German cultural influence.

Despite her pioneering role in the field of Slovenian female literature at the end of the 19th century, her writing, especially prose, had been long forgotten. This paper enlightens the image of this important Slovenian female writer at the turn of the 20th century.

AsK, October 2012

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