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Think-tank meeting "Interconnectivity III"

Huygens ING, The Hague, 18 June 2013, Tesselschade room



Karina van Dalen-Oskam
(Research leader of the Department of Textual Scholarship and Literary Studies):


Brief presentations of the participants


Gertjan Filarski:


  • Context of this meeting: CLARIN – objectives, types of projects financed, etc.
  • COBWWWEB – participating projects and data in their databases; activities that will be financed, etc.
  • Program for the day: items to be done /achieved/decided before dinner.
  • Work to be done by September: implementation by each project of the REST API exposing Person, Work, Institute and relations according to the agreed standard.


Presentation of the data model
Reminder of what was discussed in Göthenborg and The Hague (sept. 2011- jan.12)


Domain modeling discussion: data model Person / Work / Institute

  • Which essential fields should minimally be shared?
  • Are these fields available in all the participating projects?
  • Which research questions can be handled with this set of fields?

Objective: decisions to be taken about the Person / Work / Institute fields to be exchanged.

12:30 Lunch


Domain modeling discussion on the nature of Receptions:
Relations between Person - Person, Person - Work, Work – Work, Institute - Work

  • Which relations indicate Receptions?
  • Which relations are present in the participating projects?
  • Which receptions can be derived from the available relationships in the participating projects?

Objective: decisions to be taken about possible / potential relations (Reception) and about types to be exchanged.

15:00 Tea break


Technical Discussion: given these models, what does the REST API look like?

  • Which resources are needed?
  • Which representation format do we select?

Objective: deciding about implementation of the REST API


  • Van Dijk, Suzan
  • Sanz, Amelia
  • Ronning, Anne Birgitte
  • Bergenmar, Jenny
  • Dojcinovic, Biljana
  • Crivelli, Tatiana
  • Filarski, Gertjan
  • De Groot, Janouk
  • Gayoxo, Joaquín
  • Nedic, Damir
  • Nesøen, Asgeir
  • Olsson, Leif-Joran
  • Pfenninger, Peter
  • Radivojevic, Zahariej

SvD, September 2013

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