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<BR> <BR>
-> [http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Bochum%2C_May_2009 '''SEE CALL FOR PAPERS'''] <<BR>+see<br>
 +> [http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/Bochum%2C_May_2009 '''CALL FOR PAPERS'''] <<BR>
and<br> and<br>
> [http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/28_November_2008 '''INVITATION TO PhD-STUDENTS'''] < > [http://www.womenwriters.nl/index.php/28_November_2008 '''INVITATION TO PhD-STUDENTS'''] <

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Internet and the gendered study of literary history

European women writers in history

Their position in the literary field

Entering some of them into the literary canon?


This website addresses students, researchers and others interested in women’s writing. It presents and invites research on women's writing before 1900 that was made possible by the database WomenWriters. Aim of this database is to furnish material allowing to study the position women authors occupied in the literary field of their days.
This site provides preliminary results of research in this domain - as examples for students and for those willing to participate in the current collaborative project
New approaches to European Women’s Writing
(NEWW; funded by N.W.O. Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research; 2007-2010).

This website is, in part, still under construction.
Information and contact

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