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Women Writing Back / Writing Women Back

Alicia Montoya, Anke Gilleir, Suzan van Dijk, eds.,
Women Writing Back / Writing Women Back. Transnational Perspectives from the Late Middle Ages to the Dawn of the Modern Era.
Leiden: Brill, 2010.

ISBN 978 90 04 18463 3

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This volume has been prepared in the context of the NEWW collaboration. It has been presented 26 May during a meeting of the network in Turku (Finland). The papers collected here address early modern female authorship from the late Middle Ages to the end of the eighteenth century, ranging geographically from Portugal to Russia, and from Italy to Denmark. In particular, they focus on three themes: the creation of female spaces or communities; women’s appropriation of existing or developing literary genres; and transnational perspectives on early modern women’s writings.


Anke Gilleir and Alicia C. Montoya:

  • Introduction: Toward a New Conception of Women’s Literary History

Female Spaces, Female Communities

Madeleine Jeay and Kathleen Garay:

  • ‘To Promote God’s Praise and her Neighbour’s Salvation’. Strategies of Authorship and Readership among Mystic Women in the Later Middle Ages

Anne-Marie May:

  • Gendering Place: The Role of Place in Anne Krabbe’s Ballad Works

Ina Schabert:

  • ‘To Make Frequent Assemblies, Associations, and Combinations Amongst Our Sex.’ Nascent Ideas of Female Bonding in Seventeenth-Century England

Vanda Anastacio:

  • Women and Literary Sociability in Eighteenth-Century Lisbon

Appropriating Literary Genre

Philiep Bossier:

  • Female Writing and the Use of Literary Byways. Pastoral Drama by Maddalena Campiglia (1553–1595)

Meredith K. Ray:

  • Prescriptions for Women: Alchemy, Medicine and the Renaissance Querelle des Femmes

Nina Geerdink:

  • The Appropriation of the Genre of Nuptial Poetry by Katharina Lescailje (1649–1711)

Christine Mongenot and Hans Bots:

  • Madame de Maintenon au miroir de sa correspondance: réhabilitation du personnage et redécouverte d’une écriture féminine

Perry Gethner:

  • French Women Writers and Heroic Genres

Transnational Perspectives

Bernadette Andrea:

  • The Tartar Girl, The Persian Princess, and Early Modern English Women’s Authorship from Elizabeth I to Mary Wroth

Lara Lynn Westwater:

  • A Cloistered Nun Abroad: Arcangela Tarabotti’s International Literary Career

Ineke Janse:

  • Traveller, Pedagogue and Cultural Mediator: Marie-Elisabeth de La Fite and her Female Context

Monica Bolufer:

  • Translation and Intellectual Reflection in the Works of Enlightened Spanish Women: Inés Joyes (1731-1808)

Elena Gretchanaia:

  • ‘Nous voudrions que les femmes s’occupent de la littérature’: Traductions des romancières françaises en Russie autour de 1800

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