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Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2014<br><br><br> Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2014<br><br><br>
''Table of contents''<br><br><br> ''Table of contents''<br><br><br>
*Amelia SANZ and Suzan van DIJK<br> *Amelia SANZ and Suzan van DIJK<br>
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**Decadent Women Telling Nations: L. Onerva and Her ‘Upstarts’<br><br><br> **Decadent Women Telling Nations: L. Onerva and Her ‘Upstarts’<br><br><br>
-Part 3: Women in networks<br><br> +'''Part 3: Women in networks'''<br><br>
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**Connecting People, Inventing Communities in Faustina Sáez de Melgar's Magazine ''La Violeta'' (1862-1866)<br><br><br> **Connecting People, Inventing Communities in Faustina Sáez de Melgar's Magazine ''La Violeta'' (1862-1866)<br><br><br>
-Part 4: Women looking elsewhere<br><br>+'''Part 4: Women looking elsewhere'''<br><br>
*Joanna PARTYKA<br> *Joanna PARTYKA<br>

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"Women Writers in History, volume I"

Women Telling Nations

Amelia Sanz, Francesca Scott and Suzan van Dijk eds.
Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2014

Table of contents

  • Amelia SANZ and Suzan van DIJK
    • Introduction

Part 1: Women belonging to nations

  • Madeleine JEAY
    • Medieval Women Networking before the Appearance of Nations

  • Inês de ORNELLAS de CASTRO
    • Latine loquor: women acquiring auctoritas (Portugal 1500-1800)

  • Nieves BARANDA
    • Beyond Political Boundaries: Religion as Nation in Early Modern Spain

  • M. Jesús PANDO
    • Expatriates: women communities, mobility and cosmopolitanism in early modern Europe: English and Spanish nuns in Flanders

  • Henriette GOLDWYN
    • Les prophetesses des Cévennes. Strange Language and Practices of Disorder: the Prophetic Crisis in France following the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685

Part 2: Women writing the Nation

  • Biljana DOJCINOVIC and Ivana PANTELIC
    • Early Modern Women Intellectuals in 19th Centuries Serbia : Milica Stojadinovic, Draga Dejanovic and Milica Tomic

  • Alejandro HERMIDA
    • Women Writers and the Rise of Czech and Slovak Modern Identity

  • Nadezhda ALEXANDROVA
    • A Queen of Many Kingdoms : The Autobiography of Rayna Knjaginja

  • Katja MIHURKO Poniz
    • The Representations of Slavic Nations in the Writings of Josipina Turnograiska

  • Ileana MIHAILA
    • Dora d’Istria and the Springtime of the peoples in Southeast European Nations

  • Kati LAUNIS
    • Towards More Equal Nation: Russian-Finnish Author Marie Linder (1840–1870)

    • The Author and the Spinster : Selma Lagerlöf, Frederika Bremer and Women as Nations Builders

    • Decadent Women Telling Nations: L. Onerva and Her ‘Upstarts’

Part 3: Women in networks

    • The Community of Letters and the Nation State: Bio-Bibliographic Compilations as a Transnational Genre

  • Rotraud VON KULESSA
    • Anthologies of female Italian authors and the emergence of a national identity in 19th century Italy

  • Maarit LESKELA
    • Histories of women, histories of nation : Biographical writing as women’s tradition in Finland, 1880-1920s

    • Early women’s Press: A challenge for the 19th century East and Greece

  • Henriette PARTZSCH
    • Connecting People, Inventing Communities in Faustina Sáez de Melgar's Magazine La Violeta (1862-1866)

Part 4: Women looking elsewhere

  • Joanna PARTYKA
    • Overpassing state and cultural borders: a Polish female doctor in 18th-century Constantinople

    • Entre le mythe national et l’idéal transfrontalier : la représentation des nations dans les écrits des femmes russes rédigés en français (XVIIIe – début XIXe siècle

  • Begoña LASA
    • Regina Maria Roche and Ireland: A Problematic Relationship

  • Carmen Beatrice DUTU
    • Amor Vincit (R)om(a)nia: Reshaping identities in Romanian mid-19th-century culture

    • Women’s Nations from Ottoman to the new Republic in Fatma Aliye and Halide Edip Evar’s Writing

  • Publications > "Women Writers in History" series > Women Telling Nations

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