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**Carme Font Paz <br> **Carme Font Paz <br>
*[http://www.rose.uzh.ch/crivelli/arcadia Donne in Arcadia] <br> *[http://www.rose.uzh.ch/crivelli/arcadia Donne in Arcadia] <br>
 +**Tatiana Crivelli, Peter Pfenninger <br>
*[http://www2.hf.uio.no/tjenester/bibliografi/Robinsonades European Female Robinsonades]<br> *[http://www2.hf.uio.no/tjenester/bibliografi/Robinsonades European Female Robinsonades]<br>
 +**Anne Birgitte Ronning, Hege Hosoien <br>
*[http://www.ub.gu.se/kvinn/ Kvinnsam]<br> *[http://www.ub.gu.se/kvinn/ Kvinnsam]<br>
 +**Berith Backlund, Elisabeth Hammarberg, Lennart Starck <br>
-*Nordic Women’s Literary History<br> +**Amelia Sanz, Cesar Ruiz<br>
-*[http://www.ucl.ac.uk/scandinavian-studies/lagerlof Selma Lagerlöf Archive]<br> +*Nordic Women’s Literary History<br>
 +**Lisbeth Larsson, Julie Breinegaard <br>
 +*[http://www.ucl.ac.uk/scandinavian-studies/lagerlof Selma Lagerlöf Archive]<br>
 +**Jenny Bergenmar, Leif-Jöran Olsson<br>
*Serbian database<br> *Serbian database<br>
-*[http://litteraturbanken.se/#!start Swedish Literature Bank]<br> +**Biljana Dojcinovic, Zaharije Radivojevic<br>
 +*[http://litteraturbanken.se/#!start Swedish Literature Bank]<br>
 +**Mats Malm<br>
*Swedish Prose Fiction <br> *Swedish Prose Fiction <br>
- +**Mats Malm, Leif-Jöran Olsson
<br><br> <br><br>

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Think-Tank-Meeting Gothenburg September 2011


Researchers of the COST-WWIH Action work with comparable datasets stored in individual research applications. One of the Action’s goals is to connect these databases and work towards an authoritative dataset capable of handling research questions in a virtual research environment. At the Gothenburg Think-Tank-Meeting a group of scholars (each with her own dataset and research application) and software developers came together to start the process of connecting data.

The full report of the meeting is to be found in the Action site.

Projects involved in this meeting, and colleagues representing them:

  • NEWW
    • Gertjan Filarski, Astrid Kulsdom, Suzan van Dijk
  • Brown WWP
    • Carme Font Paz
  • Donne in Arcadia
    • Tatiana Crivelli, Peter Pfenninger
  • European Female Robinsonades
    • Anne Birgitte Ronning, Hege Hosoien
  • Kvinnsam
    • Berith Backlund, Elisabeth Hammarberg, Lennart Starck
    • Amelia Sanz, Cesar Ruiz
  • Nordic Women’s Literary History
    • Lisbeth Larsson, Julie Breinegaard
  • Selma Lagerlöf Archive
    • Jenny Bergenmar, Leif-Jöran Olsson
  • Serbian database
    • Biljana Dojcinovic, Zaharije Radivojevic
  • Swedish Literature Bank
    • Mats Malm
  • Swedish Prose Fiction
    • Mats Malm, Leif-Jöran Olsson

SvD, December 2011

  • Conferences and activities > COST meetings > Think Tank Meeting Sept. 2011

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