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Yvonne Leffler and Gunilla Hermannson

Swedish women writers on export in the 19th century


The aim of our project entitled Swedish women writers on export in the 19th century is to chart and analyze the transnational networks and international impact of Swedish women writers in the 19th century, in order to arrive at a new understanding of the period in Swedish and European literary history. At the core of the project are questions about the preconditions of an international reception, the intermediaries, the cultural mechanisms and system of distribution that determined the dissemination and facilitated international acknowledgement.

November 2013 the Swedish Women Writers on Export project was accepted by the Swedish Research Council. It involves Jenny Bergenmar, Yvonne Leffler, Gunilla Hermansson, Birgitta Johannson and Åsa Arping.

In this paper, Emilie Flygare-Carlén (1807-1892) will be used as an example of the difficulties in mapping an international reception. Flygare-Carlén was the most translated Swedish writer of her time, her novels were more popular in Scandinavia and Europe than Fredrika Bremer’s works and some of them also generated “fan fiction”. Some problems of how to categorize international reception and dissemination will be discussed as well as certain aspects of how to visualize the material.

SvD, January 2014

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