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Kati Launis

Specializing in

  • Finnish 19th-century women writers
  • Discourses on social class and gender in Finnish literature from 1840’s to 1920’s
  • Finnish working-class writers

Personal website

Some recent publications relevant for NEWW

  • "Towards More Equal Nation: Russian-Finnish Author Marie Linder (1840-1870)", in Women Telling Nations. Eds. Amelia Sanz, Francesca M. Scott and Suzan van Dijk. Amsterdam/New York, Rodopi (2013, in press).
  • "From Italy to the Finnish Woods: The Rise of Gothic Fiction in Finland", in Gothic Topographies: Language, Nation Building and 'Race'. Eds. P.M. Mehtonen & Matti Savolainen. UK, Ashgate, 2013, p. 169-186. [About Marlie Linder and Charlotta Falkman].
  • "'I want to be free!' Marie Linder's Novel En qvinna af vår tid as an Early Comment on Women´s Rights", in Women’s Voices. Female Authors and Feminist Criticism in the Finnish Literary Tradition. Ed. by Päivi Lappalainen & Lea Rojola. Studia Fennica: Litteraria 2. Helsinki, Finnish Literature Society, 2007.
  • Kerrotut naiset. Suomen ensimmäiset naisten kirjoittamat romaanit naiseuden määrittelijöinä [Narrated Women. The First Novels Defining Womanhood Written by Women in Finland]. Helsinki, Finnish Literature Society, 2005.

Realized or planned activities/publications in NEWW-context


  • klaunis[at]utu.fi

SvD, September 2013

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