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The publishing site Women Writers’ Networks as presented in this form was one of the outcomes of the digitizing project The International Reception of Women’s Writing (2004–2007; Utrecht University). This digitizing project was part of a large research programme which is going on since 1997 - and continuing since then thanks to different fundings and projects.


Next phase was the international networking project New approaches to European Women’s Writing (NEWW; 2007–2010). Just as the preceding projects it was funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation of Scientific Research); collaboration was with Universities of Genève, Lausanne, Southampton, Warwick and Bochum.

In the framework of this project an international network has been created, for which a mission statement has been formulated during an Exploratory Workshop organised in Utrecht, April 2008. Since then, the NEWW project has been instrumental in preparing a European-wide COST Action entitled : Women Writers In History: Toward a New Understanding of European Literary Culture. During this Action (2009-2013), European scholars further collaborated and enlarged the network in view of preparing appropriate understanding of women's role in international literary history.

It was followed by HERA Travelling TexTs (2013-2016), which led us to becoming a DARIAH Working Group, again named "Women Writers in History". This is equallly the name of a book series we created with Brill, Leiden.

Objective of the present website is: informing about the series of projects and activities going on. Note that while access to the website is open to everyone, a password is needed for complete access to the VRE.

For quoting, researchers are asked to take into account normal copyright regulations.


  • Address:

Project manager Suzan van Dijk
Huygens Institute KNAW
PO Box 10855
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 20 224 68 00

SvD, December 2016

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