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Tanja Badali? and AleŇ° Vaupoti?

The reception of female authors from East and West European countries in 19th-century Slovenia


The paper will compare the reception of female authors from East and West European countries in the Slovenian territory of the 19th century: just between the Eastern and Western part of Europe. The research will focus on the reception of English and French women writers as representatives of the Western part, and on Ukrainian and Russian women writers as representatives of the Eastern part.

Analysing the following three categories of reception:

  • the periodical press (including mentions, articles and obituaries),
  • the public and private library catalogues and
  • the repertoire of the Slovenian theatres from the 19th century,

the paper will show the different receptions of the two poles and the impact of the foreign female authors on Slovenian authors.

Slovenian territory being situated in Central Europe is also an interesting example for the reception, because of its geographic and multicultural situation: a Slavonic culture under the leading Germanic culture. Therefore the reception could have been influenced by political and cultural factors, for instance, Slovenian readers preferring reading Slavonic authors due to brotherhood feelings. In this way, the paper will also discuss the binary opposition East/West in order to see if the geographic position could have had an influence on the reception or if there are other reasons that affect it. The data gathered will be presented in planar diagrams and maps to uncover the underlying patterns in the data using computer-supported information visualization techniques.

AsK, September 2012

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