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De Gids

De Gids (The Guide), literary review first published in 1837 by a group around the critic Potgieter, has never ceased to exist. Positions taken against periodicals that were important during the first decades of the 19th century, as well as the quality of its editorial board, lent it authority up to the end of the century, when De Nieuwe Gids (The New Guide) appeared. The DBNL (Digital Library of Dutch Literature) has made accessible the first three volumes.

For entry of Gids data into the database WomenWriters, we have made use of the digital version commercialised by Arik B.V., who allowed to copy OCR'd text into the records.

Distinction has been made between articles about recent works or authors considered important, and mentions of authors.

369 articles have been entered into the database, 175 of which concern Dutch literature. Particular interest is visible for Elise van Calcar (8 records), Helene Swarth (12) and Geertruida Bosboom-Toussaint (12). Interest in French women's writing is not absent, but English authors are much more discussed (90 records).

Mentions constitute a mixed category, illustrating in fact the presence of particular authors in the Dutch collective conscience of the moment. In some cases, women about whose works no or few articles are published, are frequently cited, mentioned, or compared to other authors. This category will be particularly relevant for further study. In De Gids we found 632 of such mentions. A minority concerns Dutch women (68). French female authors are much more present in this category: 268 records. For example: Madame de Maintenon is mentioned 21 times; Madame de Sévigné 26 times; Madame de Staël 33 times; and George Sand, who only "got" two articles, is mentioned 99 times! As has been stated previously, mentions are to be analyzed for positive or negative charge.

Remieg Aerts, De Letterheren. Liberale cultuur in de negentiende eeuw: het tijdschrift De Gids. Amsterdam, 1997.

SvD, September 2007

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