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COST Action

The historiography of literature needs renewal. In particular women’s contribution to European literary practice must be accounted for in a much more adequate way than current literary histories do. This COST Action lays the foundations for an innovative European-scale approach. The neglect of women as cultural agents is indeed an international phenomenon, directly relating to gender inequality in modern societies. International cooperation is needed in order to change things and demonstrate that women’s growing presence, since the Middle Ages, prepared the way for their massive entrance into the "literary field" (Bourdieu) during the 20th century.

Using recent theoretical insights (Moretti, Hutcheon, Valdés) and new technological means, the Action prepares avenues for collective research by organizing a strong network of European (and other) researchers. This network mirrors the trans-national relationships that existed between and around women authors. Participants are working in an online virtual collaboratory where – as a major contribution to revolutionary Humanities-research – they share and analyse texts and source material.

At the end of the Action the network will be ready to carry out a large European research programme that contributes to a more balanced picture of – western and eastern – Europe’s cultural heritage.

More information soon.

SvD, 28 May 2009

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