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Second NEWW November meeting

28 November 2008, the international network programme NEWW "New approaches to European Women’s Writing" organised a workshop in collaboration with the Dutch doctoral school Huizinga Instituut (Amsterdam). The theme of this workshop was: Literary Historiography and the "Other". It was the second of a long term series that allows to researchers and graduate students to discuss together various themes.

Meeting place:
Utrecht, Faculty of Humanities:
Drift 23 (near the Janskerkhof), 11.00 – 17.00,
11.00 - 12.30: room 0.12,
13.30 - 17.00: room 1.06.


  • 10.30, room 0.12


  • 11.00

Anke Gilleir:
Literary Historiography and the "Other": Presentation

  • 11.15

Hilde Hoogenboom:
From Bibliography to Canon: Classifying Women in France, England, Germany, and Russia, 1700-2005

  • 11.45

Discussion (taking into account the Moretti-article, see below)

  • 12.30

Lunch at Drift 17

  • 13.30, room 1.06

Anne van Buul, Groningen:
Recycling "old" research material, where "the other" had been left aside

  • 13.50


  • 14.15

Zsuzsanna Varga:
Extending the canon: including Hungarian women into European history

  • 14.35

Hanneke Boode, Groningen:
The image of Margit Kaffka in Hungarian literary historiography

  • 14.55

Discussion (taking into account the Hutcheon-article, see below)

  • 15.15


  • 15.30

Monica Soeting:
"The first in history, who .....": from surprise to historiography

  • 16.00


  • 16.15

Final discussion: conclusions relevant for other "others" than women?

  • 17.00


Some bibliographical references:

in particular:

  • Linda Hutcheon, "Interventionist literary histories: nostalgic, pragmatic, or utopian", in: Modern Language Quarterly, 1998, 59/4.
  • Franco Moretti, "The slaughterhouse of literature", in Modern Language Quartely, 2000, 61/1.

and for further reading:

  • Aleida Assmann, Vergessene Texte. Konstanz: UVK Univers. Verlag.
  • Walter Benjamin, "Ausgraben und Erinnern", in : Gesammelte Schriften, ed. Timan Rexroth. Frankfurt : Suhrkamp, 1972, IV/1.
  • Susan A. Crane, "Writing the Individual Back into Collective Memory", in: American Historical Review, 1997, 102/5.
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  • Jutta Schlich, Literarische Authentizität. Prinzip und Geschichte. Tübingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 2002.

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