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Abstract Juliana Jovicic

Therese Albertine Luise von Jakob-Robinson (Talvj, 1797–1870) and Wilhelmina (Mina) Vukmanovi?-Karadži? (1828-1894) and the cultural heritage of Slavic nations: Their role and contribution as cross-cultural mediators in providing entrance of small Serbian literature into European cultural heritage

Talvj and Mina were two women of the 19th century with extraordinary skills and backgrounds. Both were transnational and multilingual in a special way. They were Diasporas women writing, translating, publishing and acting like intercultural mediators. Both used their specific multinational and bi/multilingual background to participate in international currents.

In my work I will show how Talvj and Mina were involved in international currents, in particular referring to their work as translators and intercultural mediators. I will focus on Talvj's translation and anthology of Serbian folk poems which she published in 1825/26, 1835 and 1853 in Germany under the title Serbian Folk Poems (Volkslieder der Serben).

In Mina's case, I will focus on her translation of Serbian folk tales and over 1000 Serbian proverbs into the German language which her father published in Germany in 1854 under the title Volksmärchen der Serben nebst einem Anhange von mehr als tausend serbischen Sprichwörtern. A great number of well known intellectuals and writers were involved in the genesis and distribution of these works, such as Goethe, Jakob Grimm, Jernej Kopitar, Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, Leopold von Ranke, Ludwig August Frankl and others. These translations are the product of an international collaboration and environment.

Talvj and Mina had the skills and the transnational background to cope with this challenge and they used their proficiency to participate in international currents. Even though these two writers were both marginalized as women in many ways from their native and adopted countries, my work will show their huge values and make their work recognized.

AsK, October 2012

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